The story of a photographer

Hi friend. I am Katya. As a Tampa Bay, Florida family and motherhood photographer, and a mom of two amazing young twin girls, I know the challenge of freezing the chaos one frame at a time. I want to capture the tranquil connection as your children are snuggling up with you, the way their eyes light up from embracing in a family bear hug, the dimples as you all giggle together.

As moms, we are usually never in the frame, while taking photos of everyone else. I know I am not. I want to change that and give you a forever reminder of the small, ordinary moments between the people you love - the moments that matter most. I still love to flip page by page through old albums of my childhood and my family photos - which hold a lot of nostalgia and warm sentiment.

My family came to US from Belarus (a country by Poland) when I was a teenager to build a better life. I started my photography journey while working full time as a paralegal and taking photos of my kiddos. That passion quickly turned into hours and hours of self taught courses, mentorships with local photographers, hours of location scouting, and most importantly, studying human connection, conveying a strong sense of feeling though the photograph.

I am forever grateful to all the families who let me in to be a part of their story, let me capture their real, raw, of exactly who they are and where they are at that moment.